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KiHS Starts 2010/2011 School Year!

KiHS is a program which allows students to remain in their home community while taking a rich variety of ministry inspected courses toward their high school diploma. Our staff are excited about starting this new year and are keeping very busy keeping up with all the demands of new registrations and all else that goes with the beginnings of a new school year.

If you are interested in partnering with KiHS to begin offering a full secondary program in your community for the start of the 2010/2011 school year using Internet Technologies, please contact the administration office in Balmertown at 807 735 1381 ext. 1298, to ask about the process.

KiHS is moving in a very positive direction as we plan and develop courses to meet the needs of the students we are working with in terms of academic programming, mature student assessments, special education and many more. KiHS is into its 10th year of operation and the success has been continuing in the positive direction since the start. KiHS offers a full grade 9 and 10 program (academic, applied and locally developed courses) as well as compulsory and elective courses in grade 11 and 12, including university preparation courses. If you have any questions about our program, or would like to take courses from us, please feel free to contact the office at any time or drop in to one of our community classrooms if there is one where you live. KiHS may be just the place to fit your needs.

read more