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Week 6 Results
by Aaron Admin - Thursday, 3 May 2018, 8:34 AM

Great Job

The end of Term 4 is fast approaching, graduation and Summer Break are just around the corner. It is important for you to focus on completing as many activities as possible this week, including all key activities given by your course teachers! Remember, there are NO EXTENSIONS. 

Congratulations to...

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Spec Ed Handbook

Special Education Handbook and Resources
  • Teacher: Angela Batsford-Mermans
  • Teacher: Melissa Black

Teacher Handbook 2018/2019

  • Teacher: Aaron Admin
  • Teacher: Angela Batsford-Mermans
  • Teacher: Kevin Dempsey


  • Teacher: Lorne Goring

Cat Lake

Cat Lake First Nation is an Ojibway First Nation reserve approximately 180 kilometres northwest of Sioux Lookout in northwestern Ontario, Canada, located on the central north shore of Cat Lake.[1] As of November 2007, their total regi…


  The North Caribou Lake First Nation is also known as Weagamow Lake.  The reserve, named for the lake at which the community began, is located on the north shore of Weagamow Lake and covers 9172.3 hectares. The reserve is home to about 800 aboriginal people with another 70 living off the res…

McDowell Lake

Location: McDowell Lake is located approximately 155km northeast of Red Lake, ON. Community ActivitiesCommunity members live in urban communities primarily Thunder Bay and Red Lake. Community members travel by float plane and skidoo to their traditional lands throughout the year. McDowell Lake Cou…

KiHS Head Office

  • Teacher: Aaron Admin
  • Teacher: Angela Batsford-Mermans
  • Teacher: Melissa Black
  • Teacher: Kevin Dempsey
  • Teacher: Lorne Goring
  • Teacher: Linda Johnson
  • Teacher: Lynda Kakepetum
  • Teacher: Kathleen Koostachin
  • Teacher: Becca Letkeman
  • Teacher: Erin Litwin
  • Teacher: Dylan Macdonell
  • Teacher: Heather Mawakeesic